from pygame import display
from pygame.font import Font
from pygame.time import get_ticks, wait

from GameChild import GameChild

class Mainloop(GameChild):

    def __init__(self, parent):
        GameChild.__init__(self, parent)
        self.overflow = 0
        self.frame_count = 1
        self.actual_frame_duration = 0
        self.frames_this_second = 0
        self.last_framerate_display = 0
        self.last_ticks = get_ticks()
        self.stopping = False

    def load_configuration(self):
        config = self.get_configuration("display")
        self.target_frame_duration = config["frame-duration"]
        self.wait_duration = config["wait-duration"]
        self.skip_frames = config["skip-frames"]
        self.show_framerate = config["show-framerate"]
        self.framerate_text_size = config["framerate-text-size"]
        self.framerate_text_color = config["framerate-text-color"]
        self.framerate_text_background = config["framerate-text-background"]
        self.framerate_display_flag = config["framerate-display-flag"]

    def init_framerate_display(self):
        if self.framerate_display_active():
            screen = self.get_screen()
            self.last_framerate_count = 0
            self.framerate_topright = screen.get_rect().topright
            self.display_surface = screen
            self.font = Font(None, self.framerate_text_size)

    def framerate_display_active(self):
        return self.check_command_line(self.framerate_display_flag) or \

    def render_framerate(self):
        text = self.font.render(str(self.last_framerate_count), False,
        rect = text.get_rect()
        rect.topright = self.framerate_topright
        self.framerate_text = text
        self.framerate_text_rect = rect

    def run(self):
        while not self.stopping:
        self.stopping = False

    def advance_frame(self):
        refresh = False
        while self.frame_count > 0:
            refresh = True
            if self.framerate_display_active():
            self.frame_count -= 1
            if not self.skip_frames:
        if refresh:

    def update_frame_duration(self):
        last_ticks = self.last_ticks
        actual_frame_duration = get_ticks() - last_ticks
        last_ticks = get_ticks()
        while actual_frame_duration < self.target_frame_duration:
            actual_frame_duration += get_ticks() - last_ticks
            last_ticks = get_ticks()
        self.actual_frame_duration = actual_frame_duration
        self.last_ticks = last_ticks

    def update_overflow(self):
        self.frame_count = 1
        target_frame_duration = self.target_frame_duration
        overflow = self.overflow
        overflow += self.actual_frame_duration - target_frame_duration
        while overflow > target_frame_duration:
            self.frame_count += 1
            overflow -= target_frame_duration
        overflow = self.overflow

    def update_framerate(self):
        count = self.frames_this_second + 1
        if get_ticks() - self.last_framerate_display > 1000:
            if count != self.last_framerate_count:
                self.last_framerate_count = count
            self.last_framerate_display = get_ticks()
            count = 0
        self.display_surface.blit(self.framerate_text, self.framerate_text_rect)
        self.frames_this_second = count

    def stop(self):
        self.stopping = True
from os import makedirs
from os.path import exists, join
from sys import exc_info
from time import strftime

from pygame import image

from GameChild import *
from Input import *

class ScreenGrabber(GameChild):

    def __init__(self, game):
        GameChild.__init__(self, game)
        self.delegate = self.get_delegate()

    def load_configuration(self):
        config = self.get_configuration("screen-captures")
        self.save_path = config["path"]
        self.file_name_format = config["file-name-format"]
        self.file_extension = config["file-extension"]

    def save_display(self, event):
        if, "capture-screen"):
            directory = self.save_path
                if not exists(directory):
                name = self.build_name()
                path = join(directory, name)
                capture =, path)
                self.print_debug("Saved screen capture to %s" % (path))
                self.print_debug("Couldn't save screen capture to %s, %s" %\
                                 (directory, exc_info()[1]))

    def build_name(self):
        return "{0}.{1}".format(strftime(self.file_name_format),
from math import sin, cos, atan2, radians, sqrt

def get_step(start, end, speed):
    x0, y0 = start
    x1, y1 = end
    angle = atan2(x1 - x0, y1 - y0)
    return speed * sin(angle), speed * cos(angle)

def get_endpoint(start, angle, magnitude):
    """clockwise, 0 is up"""
    x0, y0 = start
    dx, dy = get_delta(angle, magnitude)
    return x0 + dx, y0 + dy

def get_delta(angle, magnitude):
    angle = radians(angle)
    return sin(angle) * magnitude, -cos(angle) * magnitude

def rotate_2d(point, center, angle, translate_angle=True):
    if translate_angle:
        angle = radians(angle)
    x, y = point
    cx, cy = center
    return cos(angle) * (x - cx) - sin(angle) * (y - cy) + cx, \
           sin(angle) * (x - cx) + cos(angle) * (y - cy) + cy

def get_points_on_circle(center, radius, count, offset=0):
    angle_step = 360.0 / count
    points = []
    current_angle = 0
    for _ in xrange(count):
        points.append(get_point_on_circle(center, radius, current_angle + offset))
        current_angle += angle_step
    return points

def get_point_on_circle(center, radius, angle, translate_angle=True):
    if translate_angle:
        angle = radians(angle)
    return center[0] + sin(angle) * radius, center[1] - cos(angle) * radius

def get_range_steps(start, end, count):
    for ii in xrange(count):
        yield start + (end - start) * ii / float(count - 1)

def get_distance(p0, p1):
    return sqrt((p0[0] - p1[0]) ** 2 + (p0[1] - p1[1]) ** 2)
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